The Application Process and Appeals

The first step in the Social Security Disability process is filing the initial application. While it is not necessary to consult with a lawyer at this stage, our firm is happy to help clients with their initial applications.

If your application is denied, the next steps in the process are as follows:

  • Request for reconsideration: This written appeal must be filed within 60 days of the date your initial claim was denied. In the request for reconsideration, we can include updated documentation and information on your disability.
  • Administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing: If your request for reconsideration is denied, you can request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). We will meet with you several times prior to the hearing to review your claim, go over all necessary documentation and help you prepare testimony for this hearing so you are comfortable with the process.
  • Appeals council: If the ALJ does not rule in your favor, you may appeal to the SSA appeals council. A successful appeal at this level will send your case back to a new ALJ hearing.
  • Federal court appeal: This final stage of appeals is at the federal District Court. If the federal court determines the ALJ failed to properly apply the law to your case, your claim will be sent back for a new ALJ hearing.

Do Not Face This Battle Alone

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a powerful government bureaucracy with a complex disability benefits claims process. Most people who apply for SSDI or SSI benefits are initially turned down. Your best chance of success is hiring an experienced attorney to help you navigate the appeals process and build a thoroughly documented case.

At the office of Arthur Leslie, Attorney at Law, we know the law and how the system works. We are extremely familiar with the judges, customs and evidentiary requirements for medical documentation of disability claims. We can take on the burden of gathering your medical records and lining up experts who can support your SSDI or SSI claim. We will prepare you for your ALJ hearing. We will be at your side every step of the way.

Contact Our Selma Disability Appeal Lawyer

If you are applying for Social Security Disability in Montgomery, Alabama, the office of Arthur Leslie, Attorney at Law, is here to help. Contact us at 334-356-0699 for a free consultation. We represent clients in Montgomery and surrounding Alabama communities. Our services are provided on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no attorney fees unless we win your case.

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